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Sound made visible!

Michelle Cade - Cymatics: Inspired by Hans Jenny

Released April 5th 2019


Electronic DJ, producer, sound therapist and singer, Michelle Cade releases Cymatics; Inspired by Hans Jenny.

A melodic deep house track overlayed with vocals describing the phenomenon of Cymatics.


An emotional, mysterious piece with rich, ambient sounds, taking you into the depths of creation.  “I wanted to express a feeling of awe, wonder and connection as we try to understand existence manifesting itself” says Michelle.


What is Cymatics? Jeff Volk sums it up beautifully: “Watching Cymatics in action can be a life-altering experience! The first time you see particles of sand, or powder, or iron filings, dancing to the rhythm of a song — or view water pulsing a visual pattern in response to the sound you're hearing — you become enthralled, or like the previously inert matter you're watching, entrained. And the more you learn about this fascinating science, the more you come to recognize that sound and vibration permeate absolutely everything! Pulsation is fundamental to all matter, and to the propagation of energy — in the physical world and beyond.

Prepare to expand the way you look at your world. As the ancient Hindu scriptures stated: Nada Brahma, the world is Sound!


Cymatics shows how vibrations interact to create the world we experience 'out there,' while illuminating hidden principles that underlie all natural processes. Understanding these principles offers insights into the dynamics of life in the dense, physical world of matter, form and function, but also in the subjective ways in which we perceive ourselves. Once you've objectively observed how a stable structure (say, a formation in fine powder on a vibrating steel plate), can dissolve into chaos, but then in just a matter of seconds, re-configure itself into a more complex and finely-ordered form, you might just be able to view your own tumultuous circumstances a bit more objectively (and with far less apprehension!) as a purposefully evolving process leading toward greater personal coherency and equanimity.”


Michelle was drawn to this science through her work as a sound healer. “My deepest gratitude to Hans Jenny for his seminal work articulating this fascinating science (and for coining the term Cymatics), and to Jeff Volk for his dedication republishing Jenny’s work, and further popularizing this field. I am completely awestruck by this phenomena and what I would also call a sacred art form.”


The London based producers previous releases on Kindisch reached the Top 100 Beatport electronica charts. Cymatics is her first independent release. Michelle connected with Jeff Folk to obtain the rights for the samples used in the track and has also reached out to Shawn Picarsic to create the art work and video footage with his invention, the Luna Well Viewer to create stunning Cymatic patterns from her music.


The words that you hear throughout this piece are spoken by Peter Guy

Manners, a British osteopathic physician.

He speaks about "Bringing matter to life with sound" and says "In the beginning was the word and the word was sound. Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. Sound is the factor that holds it together. Sound is the basis of form and shape."


For books, videos and more information on Cymatics, please visit the below websites.

Jeff Volk

Artwork by Shaun Picarsic @lunawellcymatics


“As we understand sound and vibration, we understand that we are all deeply connected and to love another is to love yourself, to harm another is to harm yourself. We desperately need this message to be understood!” Michelle Cade

Please help me to spread the message!

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